day at the grounds for sculpture - part 2

the commoners

After numerous visits to the garden it seems to me that garden dwellers fall into one of three categories: "photo-opportunists", "molbertists", and "french-foodies".

The most common type, photo-opportunists, are ladies and gentlemen armed with all kind of cameras from smart phones to professional monsters. You can come across them practically anywhere.

Molbertists, artistically inclined ladies accompanied by their easels, are shy species that mostly meditate near scenic reflecting surfaces of water, one can observe them if approaches very cautiously.

French-foodies personify human beings attracted by French cuisine. They are abundant in the vicinity of the Zagat-rated Rat's restaurant featuring country French cuisine. 

A lot of times strategically placed life-size people-look-alike sculptures confuse the Grounds for Sculpture visitors. The following images I posted here as a public service will allow you to identify at least most of the real persons you will meet in the garden and to avoid the confusion.

A young molbertist unaware of the time travelers presence

Is she real? A khaki-hatted molbertist observing a sculpture, a red-hatted molbertist is hiding behind trees

A red-hatted molbertist

A molbertist in her natural habitat

French-foodies feeding ground

Lunching the French way

Prepared for any opportunity

The best camera is the one you use

There should be the giant lady somewhere around