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hyacinth...the man...the flower

Hyacinth in some way is a very disturbing flower.

According to the Greek mythology Hyacinth, a beautiful Spartan youth, was killed by a discus thrown by Apollo, his lover, during a friendly competition. It was not clear what actually did happen then - either the discus change its direction because of the wind controlled by the abandoned jealous lover, Zephyrus (Apollo’s version) or the disk just bounced back from the ground (Zephyrus' version). The Greek also believed that Apollo had created the hyacinth flowers from Hyacinth's blood and inscribed the word 'AI' (alas) on its petals to commemorate the death of his lover. To add to the confusion, the flower we today call hyacinth is probably a different flower than the one mentioned in the myth.

Hyacinth flower was considered to be the most beautiful flower by the Greeks. However, with the tragic story behind its origin, its spear-like phallic form, queer vibrant color, and intense scent it can more easily be associated today with a feeling of disquietude than joy. And the recommendation to wear gloves when touching hyacinth bulbs does not necessarily improve its controversial reputation.

That being said, for some reason we have a lot of hyacinths in our garden. They are generally the first flowers that popped up there in spring. Here is the one from this season blooms, disturbing and lovely.