tyler park...nostalgic party

The park main attraction is the Neshaminy Creek. Local families stroll along its idyllic shores and explore numerous ways to practice patience, such as throwing pebbles into the water, pretending fishing, or walking their dogs.

But to every rule there is an exception - and there are daring people ready to demonstrate it. Just the other day I came across such amazing bunch of good sports - a group of parents and their kids that occupied shores of a small branch of the Creek with a bridge over it. Apparently parents were nostalgic about good old times when creeks were clean and the living was easy. So, they encouraged the kids to jump off the bridge into the shallow water and captured these priceless family moments with their iPhones and tablets. 

The parents, kids, and innocent bystanders - they all seemed to be having a lot of fun. 

Well, no fun can last forever. A cop came and spoiled the party.

Tired but satisfied, the party left the scene of their glory.