newtown athletic club summer soiree

There is something miraculous about Newtown, a borough in Eastern PA with population slightly over 2,000. It's home to the nation's oldest movie theater; one of the oldest libraries  in the state works there without interruptions since 1760; George Washington marched his army from Newtown headquarter to defeat the British at Battle of Trenton; the famed primitive painter, Edward Hicks lived and preached there; more recently, aliens visited it, and a popular movie was made about it; the borough even was a scene of an international crime - a billion dollars Russian mafia money laundering was operated from headquarters in Newtown. The list is going on and on. 

So it's no wonder that the borough also became a home to the Newtown Athletic Club (NAC) - the third largest single-site workout facility in the USA with world class outdoor resort style aquatic complex. In the best tradition of the Newtown uniqueness  the NAC is very different from a regular fitness facility - with its state of  the art indoor and outdoor amenities located on 22 acres, bar and restaurant it can best be described as a lifestyle club - a 'golf club without golf'.  Among other things the NAC is famed for its hospitable crowded evening parties thrown at its exquisite pool complex. Take a glimpse at the latest party for NAC Advocates that celebrated the opening of the resort pool complex for the 2015 season.

The party is about to begin

 At the “Breaking Boundaries” display; Jim Worthington (right), the co-owner and president of NAC - the man behind the project

Pre party workout

Warming up

Great seeing you here, coach Leyla Ghazzouli with students


It's not Caribbean - it's Newtown! 

 Campfire at the pool

Warm and cozy

Wine or beer? Both are good for your health according to the Harvard School of Public Health

Amazing blue night

We'll be back - NAC Advocates

Ready for tomorrow