day at the grounds for sculpture - part 3

42 acres of the estrangement effect

part 1 - the mighty men

part 2 - the commoners

If your idea of a typical park visit is a mindless relaxing strolling in natural surroundings you better do it somewhere else. This park with its huge collection of sculptures of monumental proportions, 3-dimensional imitations of the iconic 2-dimensional images, super realistic human-size statues of common people, sculptures of deconstructed bodies and abstract figures, all strategically placed in the magnificently landscaped arboretum creates a strong estrangement effect. The alienation technique implemented in the park design forces the visitors to see common things in an unfamiliar or strange way and demands intellectual efforts to decipher artists' concepts for themselves .

I visited the park again and again and every time this enchanted feeding ground for thoughts did its trick. This time was no exception.


“Icons Revisited”

A horizontal man


Is it legal yet?



Afternoon of a Faun

This way to eternity

A shiny thing

 Is there anybody out there?

What happens here, stays here


And for a change some creatures living in the park

Have wings, will not fly

I am coming for you